Another Short and Sweet

Ahhh, it is Sunday, and my weekend is over shortly.  Every week, Monday through Friday I go through the days the best I can with my scheduled personal cares, grocery shopping, chores, and food prep, I so look forward to Saturday and Sunday to relax and rest up.  On Saturdays, I go to church in the morning and get home by 3 PM, get comfortable for a while and snuggle/cuddle with Bing Crosby the Cat, and then I have personal cares at 6 PM or 5 PM in the evening on the weekends.  I think I am going to get going and get ready for bed for the night.  I have watched the first two Twilight Saga movies this morning and early afternoon, talked to my mom, and have had my personal cares at 5 PM.  I am going to say good night.  Once more I have another short and sweet entry.

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