The Weekend is Coming!

The weekend is finally arriving but my weekend does not really begin until sundown.  I know that is kind of silly or weird but that is the way I work I guess.  Anyway, with Friday now here, I am looking forward to the weekend once again.  I do love my weekends very much.  It gives me a chance to wind down a bit for a couple of days, go to church Saturday morning and part of the afternoon, come home and snuggle up to Bing Crosby the Cat, do some reading, watching TV that I do not do during the weekend now, and just relax.  Ever since the fiasco that happened when RS was here with her boyfriend DB, I have kept to myself and away from other tenants because of their gossip and rumors that spill out of their mouths.  I do not care of RS is still in communication with anyone here as long as I do not hear about it among her friends.  I have not stopped praying for the tenants in my building about certain things I feel, hear, and see for myself.  RS and I have not been friends for a very long time now.  I am glad RS and her boyfriend are out of here and peace above me has come back with a blessing and understanding that what was being done above me was done so on purpose whether RS cared or not…mostly not.  I have been called names and worse names that RS has ever called me that I have heard from other tenants.  The fiasco has been over with since the beginning of May now and a new tenant has moved in in June and he is very quiet and nice.

I am very happy the weekend is arriving.  It has been a very busy week.  Monday I went grocery shopping, cleaning and laundry, my personal cares Monday – Friday, got a haircut on Thursday, and today I went out to eat with Pastor Van and his wife at the Olive Garden for lunch, and tomorrow is Sabbath and I love going to church every Saturday morning.

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