Entry 1

I am very happy that deardiary.net is back up and running again.  Whatever happened, it is now fixed, and (not just me, thankfully) other diarists can resume their diary writing right along with me.  Other than feeling a little frustrated, lost, and a little annoyed, my life continued from day to day as normal as normal can be in my life.  My world, as normal as mine is to me, had a few bumps in the path but I have been able to smooth those bumps out with a little push here and a little push there.  Last week was a tougher week.  After my first pap smear, ever in my life on Tuesday, August 15, 2017, I believe I could have slept through to Friday or Saturday morning before getting ready for church if I did not have personal cares or services, or even had to take my medicine at the times required to take them.  I felt wiped out.  I was tired.  I am thankful for Facebook, Twitter, Empowr, games on the computer, journaling, games on my phone, personal cares and services for keeping me busy.  Today is my two month check up with Dr. A at Mercy Clinic West to get an update on how things are going and get my iron shot.  Despite the tiredness I felt last week, I mustered all the strength I could during certain times of the day and napped whenever it was needed or warranted.  By Saturday morning, the day I go to church, I was awake, wakeful and stronger, and no need to be so nappy ever since.  I must have come down from a cloud of anxiety real hard or my anemia got the best of me for a few days, or it could have been anxiety and anemia.  I am back to myself once again…at least I think so, anyway, lol



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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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