Changing Again

A new “work” week has begun for me even though today is a three-day weekend sort of day for me and many of us.  I may not work outside the home but I do have scheduled activities and chores to do around the home.  Today I do not go grocery shopping and have laundry done because it is Labor Day and the only service I get today is my personal cares.  No IDS services today.

ChangRemember when I wrote about “A Little Darkness” in yesterday’s diary?  I felt the darkness around me for several days and decided to wake up today and begin my day with Christian music playing on Pandora this morning.  I am not going to allow the darkness fill my week this week.  Christian music does seem to lift me out of darkness I am dealing with.  Satan is not going to run my life anymore and I am going to get back on track one way or another starting today.  The darkness I have been feeling is dreary and an awful place to be or feel.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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