Feeling Better

Earlier today, his morning. I was feeling very blah and unhappy.  I was sad and my heart was aching badly enough.  Now, hours later and having time for myself and Bing Crosby the Cat having some time together snuggling on the recliner, and of course talking to God before my personal cares worker came, the feelings of sadness, aching heart, and that blah feeling seemed to disappear slowly into nothingness and I am feeling better.  I do not like it when I feel sad or have an aching heart because I cannot let of go of something.  It is uncomfortable.  The hardest thing about feeling so blah, sad, and not being able to let things go, is that it makes me feel disconnected from what is more important.  I get so fixated on something that is not necessary to be fixated over but it happens when I get so upset, sad, have an achy heart, and something is troubling me so badly.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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