Remembering Someone I Loved Dearly

With the month of September still on my mind and today being the second day of October, a birthday comes to my memory.  Today, if my maternal grandmother was still alive she would be 98 years old.  She passed away in the hospital from congestive heart failure at the age of 77 on October 1, 1997, one day short of her 78th birthday.  We did not celebrate her birthday but since she did die one day short of her birthday, we did say she was 78 in our minds.  I have already texted my mom this afternoon before 12 noon CST to ask her if she remembered what day it was and what it would have been, and I had gotten a response back saying she did and had already wished her mother/my grandmother happy birthday.  I have done the same by remembering it and one day my plans are to meet her in heaven after a long wait since she has passed.

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