The Meaning of Halloween

When I was a little girl…17 years old as well…I remember enjoying getting into a costume and going door to door saying trick or treat as candies were put into my bag.  Today 30 years later, to be exact, the idea of dressing up in a costume does not wet my appetite at all.  I do not even bother going to Halloween parties anymore.  I know the real meaning of Hallows Eve now and celebrating the “Day of the Dead” as Mexico does…isn’t celebrated by me anymore.  The way kids dress up today really gets me to thinking what they watch on television as there is a lot of evil out there now-a-days compared to what I have experienced as a kid growing up in the 70’s and 80’s.  Times have changed my feelings toward Halloween today knowing what Halloween is really about.  I do not mean to be a party pooper about Halloween but if people really knew the truth about Halloween they would know it is not costumes, candy, door to door trick or treat.  Here is the real meaning of Halloween I have read about:

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