The First Day of November

What a cold and dreary day.  Fall has indeed arrived with winter not that far behind now.  I literally wore my winter coat tonight when I left and came back from Bible study.  Winter is indeed on its way.  Are you ready for winter?  Yes and no.  Yes, as it is part of the four seasons and no, I do not like the cold like I did when I was younger and able to get out and go to and fro without any problems physically.  Winter will be here no matter if I am ready or not.

October 2017 is gone forever through memories made.  November is now here.  Halloween has passed and now Thanksgiving is on its way.  Do you have any plans for the holiday?  Plans for the holiday is still up in the air as to where I will be celebrating the holiday.  Wow, where did this year go?  It is almost over!  2017 is going by very fast.

Independence is working out nicely.  I am feeling very good about it.  It is nice to be independent again.  I still feel bad that IDS (Independent Disabilities Services) had to close but the program was on the brink of closing for a while.  It just so happened that September 29, 2017 was the last day for the program to be open.  I do like IRIS and the two people who are working with me.  I have Dawn B and Dawn K, and believe it or not, it is definitely fun keeping up with both Dawns as I say Dawn K or Dawn B in order to keep them in mind who is who when I am speaking to someone on the phone about one or the other.  My IRIS consultant is one of the people I speak to when I need to talk about one or the other Dawn, and it is yet hard to keep in mind who is who, lol.

Now that we are experiencing fall and winter weather in good ol’ Wisconsin, I do have to admit that dealing with constant weather changes has been a challenge the past few days.  Over the weekend, after Sabbath, I ended up eating a mixture of food that may not have agreed with my stomach or I had a little touch of the flu.  I got through Sunday and Monday just fine but the chill has come and gone in my apartment throughout the weekend.  I felt chilled and comfortable under a warm blanket.

I am getting tired but usually after Bible study I get my second wind and cannot get to sleep at a decent hour after getting home from church.  I believe that there is a good reason for that happening so here I am writing in my diary before 10 PM in the evening when I am usually in bed or trying to relax before going to bed.  On Wednesdays and Thursdays, I have my personal cares at 8 AM in the morning and waking up that early in fall and winter can be a challenge on a daily basis.  I would love to get online before personal cares every morning but since I have changed my alarm to 7:30 AM in the morning when it gets a little lighter out, I do have to say spring and summer are my get up and go months as fall and winter not so much.

I think I am going to head off for the night now. I am going to say good night and God bless

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