November 22, 2017

I will not deny the fact that I get a little emotional between October and December because of the weather changing from summer, spring, fall, and to winter.  I do get a little nervous during the holidays and this year is no different from the years already celebrated of holidays.  I do not do well in crowds or with a lot of children running around.  I’d rather sit in one spot, listen to the conversation(s) around me and read a book or watch TV.  I enjoy being with friends and family for holiday dinners and chats on the phone and I am glad when the celebration is all over for another year.  Do I sound crazy?  LOL

Anyway, today has been an okay sort of day.  No major plans today except to have my personal cares and time with my worker DK after personal cares.  We had our Thanksgiving dinner (breakfast) from a place called Kealey’s Kafe.  It was delicious.  I watched the DWTS final show and saw that Jordan Fisher and his partner won this season.  I was very happy.  I am also very happy to have seen Frankie Munez make it to third place in the show.  I am so proud of all the dancers.  After watching DWTS, I began watching Law & Order: CI episodes for the rest of the day or at least most of it.  I even took a nap in my recliner.

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving.  I will be with friends this holiday.  I will be at their home for dinner sometime after 12 noon.  I am looking forward to it greatly.  Then I will be home with Bing Crosby the Cat the rest of the day.  Hmm?  Thanksgiving Day is tomorrow.  Yahoo!

I am praying for everyone out there in the world.  The people I know and do not know.

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