November 25, 2017 – Afternoon Post 1

With this being Saturday, around 4 PM, I am now home from church.  I just got home from church a little after 3 PM, went up to check on my neighbor’s cat, and came back down realizing that my friend who took me to church and brought me back home had come into the building between the doors waiting patiently for me to come back down because I had forgotten my coat in the car.  I took it with me this morning but walked out with my coat without putting it on.  For November, the weather has been favorably warm and very nice.  Some people call it unseasonably warmer than our usual November temperatures.  I was going to call my friend and tell her to bring it in the morning when she went to work if she did not bring it back right away.  Also, other than the temperature being unseasonably warmer than usual, I do have to say that I am usually home before 3 PM most Sabbath afternoons but today proved to be a little more different than most fourth week Sabbaths.  At prayer time, we talked about the importance of anointing someone and confessions of habits/sins that need to be worked on because last Sabbath on November 18, 2017, a member of the church had asked the Pastor and his church family to anoint him and he had some confessions for our ears to hear.  It was nice to hear the needed and very important things at prayer time because it always will help someone else understand the need to know what is so important to do on a daily basis.  For it being the fourth Sabbath of the month, we always have poetry time as well.  The poems that were read today were talked about at length.  I am glad I am home now so I can relax and snuggle up with Bing Crosby the Cat before personal cares.

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