My Sabbath Day

This Saturday morning, I had awakened to a sore throat and a little cough.  I was not feeling good.  I did not go to church today.  Outside inclement weather, I missed only two Sabbaths of church.  A record I am proud of in a way that is not haughty or deserves praise.  I have a good running record for church now that I have found my home church in Beloit, Wisconsin.  Yes, I am a Seventh-day Adventist and happy to be just that.  I have not attended Bethel Baptist Church on Sundays since the pastor left/resigned for a sin that between him, his family, and God.  My heart broke and in the right time, I felt that my home church was indeed the Seventh-day Adventist church.

For the most part of my day, before personal cares, I pretty much laid around and sat in my new chair I got for Christmas from my parents.  It is comfortable and tons better than my old recliner.  What happened to my recliner is no question who took it but what they did with it is not really known.  I was told that my recliner would be used at the workshop where the two men who were trimming the trees on the property.  What happens to my old recliner after it left the building is not known.


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