An Outage

The internet, cable, and WI-FI has been down ever since around 9:30 AM and it is now going on 6:07 PM, Friday evening.  It has been a quiet day without the TV since 4 PM this afternoon when the cable box decided to reboot itself.  Netflix does not work right now because the WI-FI does not work right now either.  Whatever the problem may be out there today, with this outage, I have to ask God to protect the hard workers/technicians who are out there in this cold weather working on resolving the problem of the outage.  Tenants the building are not too happy about it but what can we do?  I have done some complaining myself regarding the outage, but it is not the fault of the cable company really.  Technology wears out, gets broken and needs repair from time to time, and I wish the technicians out there are not getting too cold.  I have been doing things the “old school”/”old-fashioned” way today.  It is nice to be free from the internet and phone.

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