Outage Repaired

The cable outage has been repaired and taken care of.  It was out since 9:30 AM this morning.  Now, at 10:07 PM, the cable TV, phone service for those who still have landlines, and Wi-Fi, is back up and running again.  It took the cable technicians 12 to 13 hours to correct the problem.  I have been told by a credible resource, who works for the cable company, that a fiber optic wire was cut which made the south side of Janesville, Wisconsin, unable to use the internet, watch TV, and phone service.

Despite the 12 to 13 hours without technology, I do have to say that it was a wonderful break from the internet and TV.  I did a lot of reading, writing in a notebook, and just chilling out.  It was a good day despite the time away from what I love doing a lot during the day when at home almost 24/7.  I am glad that the problem that the cable company had today was fixed in one day.  It has been very cold out now that winter has arrived in good ol’ Wisconsin and the technicians did not have to spend the night out there.  The problem was resolved in one day.

The situation was prayed for and I believe God answered my prayer when I had asked Him to allow the technicians to find the problem, fix it, and not be out the in the cold all night.  I know I have fussed and complained about not having the internet and TV, and Wi-Fi usage all day, but the idea of having time away from the computer, phone, and TV was a wonderful break.  I took advantage of it with understanding that things happen that are not in my control.  My handwriting is getting bad because I have not really written a lot throughout the years thanks to computer keyboards and laptops.

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