Christmas Here @ Home

My Christmas With Family

I did have a nice Christmas with my dad and his wife, my stepmother.  My sister could not make it because she had to either work or run errands.  Not having my sister made my day seem something was missing…someone was missing.  I really do love my sister

very much and just as much as my parents, maybe less, I do not see often enough.  Christmas today was good enough.


What Did I get for Christmas?  I got the living room chair on November 30, but the other gifts I received today was a nice Oster blender from my sister, and a nice little Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner.  It beats the old vacuum cleaner I’ve had for a few years.  I love my gifts.  When it comes to my parents, I love what I receive because I always get what I need and can use.

Time   When my parents from AR visit for a while, it seems that time goes by so quickly.  They were here from 10 AM – 2 PM. The four hours went by so quickly.  I just wish that I could see my parents longer but traveling mercies are not as easy as they once were.  I have been a person who is called a homebody for a few years now since 2010 when I traveled to New Mexico for the last time in seven years.

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