Christmas Day with Friends

I had Christmas with friends this year as I have done so in the past six years.  I went to Pastor Van and CV’s house.  Family was there too, and it was 13 to 14 people there today.  Pastor Van’s and CV’s two sons and their wives, one baby, a puppy, Pastor’s sister and her husband and their two sons, and their eldest son’s wife, Grandma Van, and myself.  Now, as usual, I get picked up around 12 noon to 12:30 PM when someone picks up Grandma Van, but it did not happen this year.  I did not mind, but by 2 PM I was getting restless and ready to be out of my own place for a while.  I was picked up around 2 PM and we all had dinner.  I had gotten a calendar from Pastor’s sister and her husband and lotion, $10 Subway Gift card, and a neat pair of socks that have colors of the rainbow.  After dinner we sat for a while and Grandma Van was taken home and I went home shortly afterwards.  This was my Christmas with friends this year.

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