My Friday Thoughts and Happenings

Today marks my sister’s 31st birthday.  This morning I had my personal cares at 8 AM, got comfy for the day.  I have been fighting a cold all week and have decided not to go to church in the morning, so I will have my weekend free right here at home this weekend.  I do have to admit that I was looking forward to a nice weekend at home until I had taken a fall in my bathroom this morning between 10 AM – 12 noon.  I am feeling a little sore from hitting the floor hard with my left arm, left knee, and hip.  This is my first fall, yes, I have kept a running total of zero falls until today, for over a year.  I know that I will be feeling sore tomorrow – more than I have felt since my fall.  I am embarrassed.  Why did I have to fall?  Well, my right big toe decided to trip me up I guess.

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