My Sabbath

Okay, I do have to admit that my head cold is almost gone now.  I WAS PLANNING on relaxing and taking it easy this Sabbath with some Bible study and reading, and spiritual reading to do to fill my day, but since I have fallen yesterday my body is aching more than it was yesterday evening when I finally retired for the night.  I did sleep about 7 hours, but it was a little uncomfortable last night dealing with my aching body from my fall.  I cannot even concentrate today.  This is not my idea of a relaxing Sabbath day.  I am not able to move very fast and I cannot get comfortable for more than five minutes because of my achy body from my fall.  Tomorrow, hopefully, will be better.

My morning was fairly decent despite the ability to get comfortable.  Because I did not go to church and my IRIS worker DK came at 8 AM to do personal cares first and then work for IRIS for me.  DK could not work yesterday afternoon at 4 PM because she was at the doctor’s officer all day for treatment for polycystic kidney disease that has been flaring up, and she was also sick with a bad cold – like me.  After personal cares and IRIS time planned and done for the day, I was indeed ready for some time for myself despite the ache I was dealing with because of my graceful fall.  I felt like an old lady from the moment I had awakened to time for bed.  I do not know what is worse…my head cold or the ache through the sites that were impacted from the fall.  I will survive since nothing was broken…thankfully!  It is time for bed now.  Good night my dear friends.

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