My Day So Far

I will not argue about how my day has come so far.  It has been pretty good … no arguments needed or warranted.  Okay…more or less no debate.  I went to church with another couple from our church because JM is not available this week and was picked up at 9 AM.  The family who took me to church this morning has a last name Capps.  Mrs. C was not feeling well so Mr. C took her home during Sabbath school and came back for the ending of Sabbath school and worship service.  We had potluck today as our church has it every Sabbath, then after potluck, Mr. C and his daughter decided to go home early, before prayer service, so they can get back home to Mrs. C.  I just ended up coming home early.

I have been home since a little before 2 PM now and waiting patiently for DK to come and help with personal cares at 3:30 PM or so, then she will have some IRIS time with me before she leaves.  My day so far is going smoothly.  Again, I am not going to argue, and get some things done before I go as see a movie titled “All Saints” at Pastor V’s and his wife CV’s house at 6:30 PM.  No arguments today.

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