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Time has been better since last Friday after my fall.  For today, I am glad to be going back to church this morning after missing last Sabbath because I was sick with a cold virus and then fall Friday morning.  This week has been a little kinder although I think my dreams have changed a little to be a little more challenging and somewhat funny, scary, and weird.  I have come to the realization of judging, understanding, wondering, and figuring out my dreams is something that cannot be done anymore so I stopped.  I just wake up from a dream, check to see if Bing is sleeping at the foot of the bed at my feet/legs, get up and move around a little bit, and go back to sleep, or I just roll over and go back to sleep hoping the dream will return where I left off…never really happens, though.  I have been sleeping better, too.

Time could be a bit better than it was this and last week, though.  I have not written in my diary as much as I had planned from the beginning of the New Year 2018.  I have some broken places where there is no diary written or shared during the past two weeks.  I do not bother catching up anymore s each day passes where I do not write…I will just sum up my week the best I can from time to time with less blank entries in-between dates of writing an entry or two.  I have not quite established my timetable just yet.  In fact, my routine has been broken a little bit when I got sick with a head cold last week, fallen Friday, January 12, and this week when I had gotten a little fever Tuesday morning for a few hours.  Tomorrow, Sunday, January 21, I plan on getting back on track and get my spiritual/uplifting devotionals, readings, and Sabbath School weekly studies.  I have broken the chain the past two weeks because I was not feeling well and now since I am feeling better, I am going to resume my daily routine once again.  I am behind in my Bible in One Year readings!!


Thursday is the day I began to feel so much better from my cold and the fall.  I was able to get some things done before my IRIS worker DB got here and when she walked in she could see I was working on picking things up and have picked up the kitchen table.  I had picked up the kitchen table, filled my dehumidifier, put all my medication in the medicine box, and began working on my desk that was getting a little cluttered again.  I was working on that when she got here.  Since DB did not have to cook for me this week, she helped me with a couple of ideas in my head, swept the bathroom, entryway, kitchen floor as well as mopped, cleaned Bing’s water and food dishes, put on a new covering on my end table and living room chair I love to sit in.  Time seemed to go very fast.  I feel I have accomplished a lot on Thursday.

This week I. have decided to call my cable company and do away with my cable box (DVR) and go to the cable company’s TV app on my Roku system, computer, and tablet from now on.  I have come to find that I will pay the same as I do know with 15 more TV app channels than what I am able to watch right now.  I will love the Wi-Fi price of $49 as that will go up to $69 because it is cable TV and internet together, but with the price of using the company’s TV app at $19.99 and having 25 channels outside my local is better than having local and 10 channels with the DVR box.  I will also be losing the ability to record programming, which is fine by me.  Now, my Papa (my mother’s husband LL) would do what I am doing because he could not live without his DVR, but I have come to find out that I will save $4 with the change, and that does include taxes.  Papa said, “whatever makes you happiest.”  He’s 100% right.  Many people in the area are doing this, but I am not doing what everyone else is doing because I am doing it for me.  My IRIS worker DK will have her fiancé come Sunday evening to help disconnect my DVR box and set me up on my Roku system since he already worker for the cable company.  From Sunday evening into the future after getting the cable company’s TV app set up on Roku, I will be watching programs live instead of recording them…no more pausing and recording and getting past the commercials.  It is going to be a big change for me…I think.

With today being Sabbath and church is just around the corner by time to leave, I do have to say that time has been a little kinder to me this week comparing to last week.  I know I have written in my diary on January 18, but it does feel like it has been longer.  When you do not feel well time does not matter except to rest, relax, and be comfortable.  I am glad I feel better today.  I want to go to church very badly.  I miss my friends and church family very much!

It is 8:54 AM and it is time for me to get going for church.

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