My Weekend

Time seems to escape me from time to time.  The past three days have been somewhat busy and rather filled with activities.   Friday, after personal cares, I did some relaxing, reading, and watched TV.  It seems that nothing is on much anymore so going to the Spectrum app on my phone, Roku, and Kindle Fire table was the best thing I have done…so far.  I am still very satisfied with the change.  My TV is rarely on all day now.  I decided to retire to bed a little later Friday night.  I did not go to church Sabbath (Saturday) morning because of the weather being rather cold.  I ended up watching the Matlock marathon for a while as well as watch The Blind Side about Michael Ohr.  I did a lot of reading as well.  I retired to bed a little later than my usual 8 PM/8:30 PM sleep time.

I enjoy my weekends…most of the time. Even though I did not go to church yesterday, I have to admit that my weekend has been pretty good.  It may only be the 4th day of the month of February here so I will not argue how my month has begun…yet.  I did have company for a while because I had to have my walker fixed.  One of the screws had fallen out of my walker and it had to be replaced.  The Pastor of the church I attend in Beloit, Wisconsin, was able to get the parts (a new spacer and screw) to fix it.  When the screw came out, the spacer had gone as well.  I am glad things are working well again.  Whew…. Pastor V is a good man and he has many good talents. I all call him Mr. Fixit when things need repair or replaced.

I still have personal cares this evening.  I have been watching Snapped and reading a very good mystery.  I do not have a whole more to say for today.  I have caught up a little bit again.

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