Getting My Thinking Cap On and My Thoughts In Order

It is not late, and it is not early either, but since we are still in the winter months and the time zone is still in fall back mode, it still gets dark so early in the early evening.  Spring is indeed on its way even though we have just been dowsed with bitter winter weather this month this far in the middle of February.  Spring is something I am looking forward to indeed even though I have to wait with everyone else in Wisconsin and in other states that have to deal with the winter season and cold.  All is good otherwise.  Weather is not my forte when it comes to being too cold or too hot.  I am here now, after 5 PM CST back to journaling like I had planned once Dr. Phil was over with, but around 4:30 I had to turn to something else for a while.  I decided to watch an episode of Criminal Minds on Netflix and realized that an episode was not watched all the way through.  I even did some reading while I watched and listened to Criminal Minds then I turned off the TV, finished reading the chapter of the book I am reading, and finally came back to finish journaling for the day.  I am sick and tired of wasting my afternoons away without writing something in my diaries now.  I will explain about that in a moment or two.  Let me get my thinking cap on and my thoughts in order.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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