The Beginning of a New Day & Thoughts Continued From the Other Day

Another day has escaped me.  Yesterday came and went by so quickly.  I was hoping to get back on track this weekend, but it is not happening.  I am going to church this morning for the first time in three weeks as I do miss my church family very much.  I am excited about that, but it looks like I will have a substitute this coming week for personal cares because DK/DF and her husband are in Green Bay right now because SF is in the hospital up there for some tests.  I hope all goes well for SF.  I do miss DF very much.  DK and her now husband got married February 17, 2018.  They have been married a week now.  Yahoo.  I just feel bad that they are not back from their honeymoon travels because they have an unexpected delay.  Prayers are going up right now for SF.

Since I did not write in my journal yesterday, February 23 as planned, I am here this morning to continue my thoughts although time is limited because my ride to church will be here within 15 to 20 mins.  Some things have happened this week.  Some things were expected while other things were not expected at all.  Yes, I do have to vent, but that will wait until later today when I get back home from church now.  I have personal cares around 5 – 5:30 PM today because Santee Home Health Care is watching over me while DK/DF is gone for the time being.  My thoughts are still on what happened this past week and my heart is not happy with something and I need to talk about it before I bust at the seams and crack.  Let me put it this way…I have the weekend to come up with what I want to say to my worker DB on Monday.  I am not very happy with what has occurred this week between us.  That is where my thoughts will be continued later…once again.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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