Happiness is Coming, Some Weekend Thoughts, & More to Come

I am very happy and comfortable in my own skin now and not going to bed with dread or waking up with dread anymore.  The winter months had some part of the dread, but most of it was because of some changes in my own life that were affected either greatly or enough to feel the fuss my body was going through.  Despite the fuss I was going through, I do have to say that I have always known that there was light in the tunnel somewhere, and I just had to keep going forward to find it.  That is what happened this past Fall and Winter.  Now Spring is looming ahead, and happier days are coming as well.

Please forgive me for not writing in my diary since March 9.  I have decided to take a small break from writing my thoughts and get back today…this evening.  I did have a busy, but good weekend.  Saturday morning, I went to church, had personal cares, and the rest of the evening to myself and Bing Crosby the Cat.  Before retiring to bed Saturday evening, I changed the clock by moving it up an hour as it is Daylight Savings time.  Time to spring forward after a falling back this past Winter.  Ahh, winter is almost over – finally!  This springing forward and falling back each year seems to be so silly.  I know of one State that does not have Daylight Savings and I have always wondered why we do.  Why bother?  Why can we not stay the same time all over the United States?  I know that if we did not have DST, we would be off balance somewhere.  I am just jabbering.

I still have a lot to say, but time is late, and I have things to do before a doctor’s appointment in the late morning.  I think Bing Crosby the Cat and I will go to bed now and be back some time tomorrow when I have time.  I have personal cares, grocery shopping, and then my appointment with Dr. H.  It has been a great day all day long, and I will not argue how my day went.  I just want what is on my mind out and off real soon.  As I sit here and continue writing my thoughts, I will never get any sleep and be energetic enough to begin my day early.  I do have a busy day with DKF until at least 1 PM.  Good night and God bless.

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