A Busy Thursday.

This is the first time, all day, I have been able to write in my diary.  It has been a very busy day from 7:30 PM to now.   I have the time to say hello and get something written for the day.  Once Monday was my busiest day of the week as well as Saturday, but now it is Tuesday and Friday, and Saturday.  No argument needed or wanted; I am just saying that my busiest days of the week have changed.  I am okay with the changes happening because I am happier and more content, and I am getting used to myself once more.  Change and I sometimes have issues.

Today was a very busy day.  I went grocery shopping, came back home to put groceries away, DKF had to fill up her vehicle with gas, and then we went to my 11:30 AM doctor’s appointment, and then I was dropped off.  The rest of my day was watching Criminal Minds on ION, reading, relaxing, and now I am about ready to go to bed.  All is good at this time.  I will have more details later.

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