Some Morning Thoughts

Good morning and happy Sabbath from Janesville, Wisconsin this fine morning.  I know I have not written in my diary since March 19, but I did have good reason not to.  I will give an update and catch up later today after church before 4 PM.  I have personal cares this afternoon and DKF is going to be training someone I have decided to hire through IRIS a couple of weeks ago and will going from there.  As for now, I am waiting patiently for time to pass for leaving for church.  Bing Crosby the Cat has had his Sabbath treats, some breakfast, and now is taking care of his own business.  I feel I did sleep okay last night but I am not totally 100% sure at the moment because I kept waking up every hour or two to look at the time.  When I keep waking up every hour or two to look at the time, something is pressing on my mind or I cannot wait for something to occur.  I know the weekend has finally arrived, but I do not have to wait for the weekends to come anymore.  My happiness has come back to the surface where I no longer have to fake my happiness.  Those days are over now and thank goodness and God for the happy days once again.  I have come to know true happiness.

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