Playing Catch Up Again

Good afternoon from Janesville, Wisconsin.  The weather is kind of cloudy and gray today, but the day was a good one.  I had personal cares this morning at 8 AM and then IRIS time with my worker DKF until 2 PM.  I have gotten into watching marathons on ION in the past few weeks, so I have watched my fill of Criminal Minds from 10 AM to 5 PM, and finally decided to traipse to the bedroom for a while to concentrate on my diary as I have not written since Saturday morning before leaving for church at 9 AM.  Before I left my thoughts in a lurch and did not come to writing more.  I have no explanation as to why I left where I ended and did not come back except the fact that I just did not come back.  Well, it looks like another three days has passed since I have last written…again.  That is the story of my life and a true one at that.  I never seem to finish a lot of what I have started ever since I was grew up in this world, lol.  No, that’s not it.  It is just that my weekend was a little busier than I had thought it would have been after getting home from church.  Please do not think or wonder if I am cutting myself down or feeling anything negative.  I get busy with what I do sometimes.

Do you want to be caught up?  I can indeed do that, and I do not have a problem doing that at all.  That is what a diary is for, right?  Right.

I did not get back to my diary after I got back from church because after I got home, I ended up cuddling and snuggling with Bing Crosby the Cat while relaxing and watching Law & Order SVU on ION until DKF got here to begin IRIS with me.  In fact, DKF was going to be training another IRIS worker my personal care regimen.  Yes, I hired another IRIS worker so DKF could have some time off on the weekends to be with her husband and do what she needed to do although she has other IRIS clients she works for other than me.  My new IRIS worker is AR.  She is a real nice person and she is glad to be part of my team.  AR was here from 4 PM to 8 PM while DKF left shortly after training AR my bed bath routine to return at 6 PM or so Sunday to train AR on my shower regimen.

I was able to sleep in on Sunday until 7 AM when I took my morning medications and then went back to sleep until 10:30 AM, blowing my morning away.  I had awakened and began watching my favorite ION marathon NCIS Los Angeles until AR got here at 3 PM to 8 PM.  At 6 PM, DKF came and trained AR on my shower regimen so she could do it every Sunday.  I did not have any time to take a moment to write in my diary anytime on Sunday, either.

Yesterday, being Monday, March 26, 2018, I do have to admit that I was doing okay for a while after having personal cares done, getting dressed for the day, and DKF did laundry and some cleaning before 11:30 AM, but by afternoon I had fallen into some sadness that could not be explained.  I had texted DKF about it my feelings and both of us thought about the same thing that I could be dealing with some hormones or just bored.  Bored?  I was almost in tears for some reason or another.  How could I be bored with a laptop, TV, cell phone, and Bing Crosby the Cat around?  Does that not sound ironic to you?  Comparing to my feelings today, I am not at the least bit sad today.  It may be around 6 PM right now and I am getting tired, but no sadness today.  I have, since then, just thought about it again today to write about yesterday but have chalked it up to just my mood of the moment sadness decided to creep into my little world.



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