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I have not talked about Burbank Plaza for a while and I have good reason to have done so.  Nothing really has changed around here except the season from winter to spring.  Tenants still go into the community room to play games, watch TV, and have breakfast every other Saturday.  I do not get involved in that stuff anymore even though I will go in and say hello to my neighbors from time to time.  I just do not get involved with the gossip around here.  I stay close to home, go to church, run errands, and have my IRIS workers come and go here every day of the week so I always have someone here.  Since March 19, a new IRIS worker has been added to my workload.  I am considered the employer while my workers are my employees, so when I “fired” DB at the end of February was not too hard when I felt that she showed her true colors to me on her last day.  I need, want, and wish for positive people in my life no doubt, and it seems that some people congregate among groups according to their needs and wants in life.  I have learned while growing up and wiser, the number of friends does not make you popular, and the type of people you hang out with people love to judge others by the company you keep.  I have been keeping to myself lately and I am happy to be alone with my company and friends who come here.  I have had my fair share of troubles living at Burbank Plaza for the past 20 years to keep myself out of trouble when it is brewing around here for some reason or another.  Will I continue to write about Burbank Plaza?  I will on occasion, but not as often as I once have in the past.  My interest in the tenants who live here is only when I see them in passing, coming and going from here.  I see tenants come and go from here on a daily basis as well see tenants who smoke sit outside by the designated smoking area out back. The idea of seeing someone smoking a cigarette does not settle well in my stomach and I am glad I do not smoke myself.  It is a very disgusting habit to begin and it is tougher to stop once addicted to the ingredients of cigarettes and cigars.  I know this because I did have family members who smoked for years and quit smoking before their health declined.  My life is very secluded from the tenants here today,

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