My Last Entry for March 31, 2018 – A Lot of Thought

As my wakefulness draws to a close and bedtime is looming, this is my last entry for March 31, 2018 forever.  What is written in my diary from day 1 to day 31 is going to be memories from the past I will one day reflect on when something triggers a past memory in my future.  I have this hope that this is not going to be my last night on earth because biblically we are not promised tomorrow and for many people in this world tomorrow is not promised.  Now, I am looking at this in a spiritual sense and I do know that I have friends and workers who do not want to hear words like what is written in this paragraph, but as a growing Christian, I have to know some very hard truths reading the Bible and being with other friends discussing some real hard issues.  Please understand, before 1999, I did not want to hear the hard truths of spirituality or understand what was considered a true religion when there are so many out there today – some people breaking away from religious beliefs and creating another religion.  I have come to not judge other religions because God will always find the hearts of his believers to be true and genuine.  As this entry being the last for March 2018, bedtime is not looming that far away now.  In fact, it is almost two hours past my bedtime, but it is Saturday and I have no reason to get up too early even though I have my alarm set for 7 AM.  Let me continue on another topic, okay?

I have had personal cares with AR this afternoon and evening.  She was here from 5 PM through to 8 PM.  This was her first day without DKF here training her on my personal cares and things to do to keep my health in check every day.  Her first workday here by herself went very well.  Last weekend I was so worried about having another IRIS employee on the docket, but that worried moment left within hours after her two days of training last week and yes, AR is getting paid because she was working/learning.  I do not have complaints.  I have had my bath, got ready for the evening, worked on my daily Sabbath School lesson, and we watched Criminal Minds on Netflix tonight since I did not want to watch Law & Order: SVU today.  After AR left I have decided to take the time to finish my Sabbath School lesson with some notes, get my evening meds taken, and then finish writing in my diary, and then head to bed.  7 AM does come quickly around here sometimes and I hope my cell phone battery power will last long enough, though the night until morning before I need to charge the phone for the first time with the battery being at 45% with no apps open in the background.  I do not have my LG V10 anymore.  I traded it in for an iPhone 8+ on March 19.  I know I did not talk about it when I got it.  I am glad that I went back to using iPhones because I sure have missed the idea of carrying and listening to my favorite music on iTunes.  I am getting away from Android phones once again.

As I sit here finishing my diary for the last day of March 2018, I do have to admit that my day was not too bad.  I had a bump in the road earlier today, but it was smoothed out before lunch, and my day is going to end with me tired and ready to get some sleep.  Sleep this week has been kind of weird in a way that cannot be explained in great detail, but what I can explain is that I have been waking up a lot in the night looking at the clock to see what time it is and go back to sleep.  Also, my dreams have been a little colorful, strange, and questionable when I wake up remembering bits and pieces of them.  Transitioning should not be a problem for me, but dreams are telling me something different.  I have been out of high school since 1989, college since 2010, and I am still dreaming about going to school, and I have no intentions of going back to school now that I have my diploma from high school, my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting from college.  Going back to school in my dreams are showing me attending some classes, skipping some classes, and seeing some high school teachers who have long since retired or passed away.  My dreams make sense to me some of the time, but I do not like reliving them over and over again especially when I had trouble learning some classes during my traditional college days when I was younger and fresh out of high school still not sure what I wanted to do until 2005 when I finally found an online college called University of Phoenix and got my bachelor’s degree in 2008 and my master’s in. 2010.

I have share a little bit about myself today in some entries today, but now it is time for me to say good night and God bless.  Tomorrow is another day and I have plans to be here tomorrow.  I have come this far in life and I intend to go as far as I am able to go in the body I have at the present time as well have the mind I have to share my life with you about.  Since April 1 begins tomorrow, my diary entry format will be different as well. Since it is late, I am going to share the new format tomorrow.  Good night and God bless.

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