Before 3 PM

~Dear Diary~

I am sitting here this morning before noon wondering what I am going to do all day here at home other than watching NCIS: LA, read, be online, relax, make sure I take my meds, have personal cares and IRIS time with AR from 3 PM to 8 PM today.  It is April Fool’s Day, my neighbor CD’s birthday, and Easter all day long.  I have no plans for Easter today.  In fact, I have not had any plans for Easter for the past few years now.  Easter is, now that I am older, is just another day to be lived, but the memories of celebrating Easter with family when I was younger are coming and going in my mind today.  It is Sunday, the last day of the weekend before I have personal cares with DKF in the morning all week long as far as I know with IRIS time Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.  I am getting prepared, in a way, for what I call “workweek”.  Today is another day to be lived to the best of my ability, and I am taking advantage of alone time before 3 PM.

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