Sometimes Time Has Its Reason

Please forgive me for not writing any diary entries after my first one yesterday around the lunch hour.  I have been dealing with a lot on my mind about my former middle school health teacher who has been in and out of the hospital since last summer 2017 and spent the rest of his day in a nursing home in another Wisconsin town.  When I received a text message from a former middle school teacher after 7 PM last night and did not read it 5 AM this morning finding out that my former health teacher’s health had turned for the worst, I knew that his life was close to the end on earth, but that dream I had was troubling in a way of confusion and when I really had it.  Was it before or after I have received that text from Mrs. M?  Since that dream, I could not get it out of my mind and I wanted to tell Mrs. M about it before retiring to bed for the evening.  In the afternoon, after my IRIS worker DKF left for the day, I had received another text about my former health teacher that he was resting peacefully.  I found that all well and good but I could not shake off the dream I had and so I texted her to please call me.  She said she would.  I was not going to rest until I had heard from Mrs. M.  Something about the dream, although I have dreamt dreams like these before, just did not set right.  I had planned to wait up for that call from Mrs. M.  With dinner running a little late in the M household, I finally got that call after 7:45 PM, and the call was one I knew was coming, but I did not want to believe it.  My former health teacher from my middle school days had passed away.  By then, after hearing that, I knew that the dream dreamt was no longer confusing, and I told Mrs. M what happened in the dream.


Ever since last night, the news of Mr. D’s death, I have been dealing with a lot of sadness.  The sadness is that I have lost a former teacher at an early age due to health issues, someone who has taken the time to include me in some activities with other former teachers and has taken me out to dinner more than once through the past few years.  He has been a wonderful person to talk about my kidney’s health while he was dealing with his kidney health among other problems that have crept into his life since I have gotten to know him in the past few years.  I know that he is not suffering anymore and in a better place, and that my sadness seems a little selfish right now because he was only 70 years old/young.  He and his wife JD did not have children of their own but all the students they taught and got to know throughout the years were their children.  It was nice to be included in the “family” the D’s have created for themselves through the years.  Awesome.


It has not been the happiest day for me, but I have made the day the best I could considering the bad news of death happening around me once again.  I watched Criminal Minds on Netflix all morning and afternoon until 5 PM, and then decided to do other things before finally retiring for the night and wait for another day to come.  All day I have been wanting to write, but the words would not come and if they did, they did not come out right.  I think I. have finally mastered the ability of those words now by writing a whole page in my diary before retiring.


I have also found out last night that one of DKF’s client’s mom was not doing well and was having some major problems and has been ill for a while now.  DKF did not have to work for this client last night because of the mother’s health had declined to non-responsive, and her time left on this earth is soon to end.  I have not heard from DKF about the end just yet, and after speaking to DKF this morning, I have heard that this mother is a fighter.  Is she waiting for something or someone?  That is a possibility.


Time for me to say good night and God bless.

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