A Wish

During the work week my IRIS employee DKF and I have been watching the Riverdale series on Netflix.  Even though there is only the first two seasons of the show right now, we have been enjoying the show.  I believe that Riverdale is a soap opera TV series like Days of Our Lives and Bold and the Beautiful, but it deals with kids and their parents.  The same goes about the lives in the show having relationships, arguments, and ideas, but it seems to share more mystery the kids try to resolve and get to the bottom of.  Riverdale deals with Archie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead, and Josie and the Pussy Cats.  The Archie comics and characters?  Yes, those kids.  I enjoy the show very much and DKF is really getting into it.  We have gotten through the first season of the show and are now we are in the second season.  It is downright intriguing and amazing.  A lot of mystery.

As I continue to watch the show, I hear Jughead (starring Cole Sprouse) telling the story from beginning to end of each episode.  He does a great job even though he may be reading from a script.  The story lines he tells makes me wonder if I could do the same thing or I wish I could do the same as Jughead does.  Once again, I am not an actress, nor do I live in big cities where the famous live.  I live in Wisconsin in a large city with only one person who is famous to me – Paul Ryan.  I went to the same high school he did and he graduated in 198i8 while I graduated a year later in 1989.  From what I understand, he is not going to continue in the big political life. He is going to become a family man and be there for his daughters after his term is over.

I am not a storyteller like Jughead is on Riverdale and that is okay with me.  I am not Jughead.  I am Kristi.  No one can be like me nor would I wish others to be like me.  We are all unique in God’s eyes.  Speaking of God…I will talk about Him/that tomorrow.

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