Another Day of the Week

Another day has come and is about to leave.  I have had a fairly good day.  I was able to get out of the apartment for a while because of an errand that was needed to be taken care of.  One of my natural nails broke Wednesday evening so I called Grand Nails & Spa to see if they could get me in before the weekend.  I am not a girly girl, but when it comes to my nails being professionally done once a month, it is a treat and great joy to be pampered and looking decent with manicured fingernails and nice hairstyle that is easy to manage.  I began to get manicures done in March and I have enjoyed those month excursions ever since.  The only complaint I had was with the nail company before finding Grand Nails & Spa was the girl who did my manicure seemed rushed in the last two visits I had.  Finding Grand Nails & Spa was a Godsend when it came to fix two broken nails within two days after my manicure last week and then having broken yet another nail Wednesday evening, I have been impressed with the service.  Now, the company I am leaving behind is not going to be named in my diary because I do not know who reads my diaries at Dear Diary from the Janesville, Wisconsin area.  I am glad that I found a very good place that is clean, not crowded, the workers do not bicker in a language I do not know, and I have met one of the owners of the business when she worked on two of my broken nails a couple of weeks ago when the company before Grand Nails & Spa took over my nail care.  I have a manicure appointment on June 6.

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