My Thoughts for Thursday, June 28, 2018

I know a few days have been passed since my last entry on June 20.  I have had a few things going on that were unavoidable and needed to be taken care of.  There was very little time to write.  I will catch up on another day. I am here now and able to write an entry before heading to bed for the night.  I have been feeling a little overwhelmed, worried, happy, sad, frustrated, and determined so far this week  Tomorrow being Friday, I am so looking forward to the weekend, the Sabbath, and get some rest for all my emotions.  All afternoon I have been crying as if my mixture of emotion has been released.  It also does not help when a woman is soon to end her menses for the month. Sorry men, but I do need to write my thoughts at times and this is my diary. 🙂

I had my 3-month check up with Dr. H this morning and we discussed a few very important aspects of my health that would help me physically and emotionally.  Talking about my weight is a subject that is not that easy to talk about because I am not happy with my weight being at 224.  I am able to tell others that I am a certain weight, but it is not easy talking about it.  Having some members of my family being a little critical about my weight does not help my feelings even though family mean well.  With my transplanted kidney, after 30 years, now shutting down slowly due to Glomerulonephritis disease, I need to be at 180 in order to be healthy enough to withstand another transplant.  It seems that from 224 to 180 is a long way to go, but it has to be done despite my mixed feelings of this week.  I am glad that I went to my appointment and was abe to talk to Dr. H about my feelings today. 😮

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