My day has been very good. Now I can concentrate on a few thoughts before retiring to bed for the night. I have had personal cares in the morning, got dressed for the day, went to the laundromat, came back home to put clothes away, and relax for the rest of the morning with DKF watching Ghost Whisperer on Hulu until she left at 1:30 PM to her next client. I always have fun with DKF around.

I am having a little bit of some feelings at play here today. The way things are going right now, I know that my menses have a little play in my feelings, but today of all days, I am remembering someone’s birthday and that person has not been in my life for a while now since I have learned of his need for help from professionals, and he was part of the reason why some friendships were put on hold for a while. Knowing that this person having a relationship with someone who was emotionally unstable herself and his actions to be with this someone while was she in the hospital was indeed unhealthy, and then marrying her. After marriage they had kids, but they were taken away due to unhealthy environment, and then later getting divorced, and going their own separate ways. I do not know what attracts unhealthy people to one another when my relationships with some people in my life were not very healthy either. With this one person out of my life now and with no want to have him back in my life is what will happen from when our friendship ended to the day God calls me home. I just remember his birthday is today.
I want to say good night and I will be back tomorrow.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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