When the Opportunity Knocks

Where is the month of July going? It is almost over with for another year. The summer months in Wisconsin is going by very fast. Half of the year has come and gone and now the second half is here. It is amazing how fast time and day goes by even when certain aspects of one’s life is not always on the up and up. Now, I am not saying that I have not been happy these few weeks of summer because I have been very happy, but I do have my down days, too, and they can and will be what my day is from time to time. I dislike having down days, but those days are very few now. I have anxiety/panic disorder along with depression from time to time throughout the year. This one reason why I keep to myself and allow certain people into my life. I have, as another person may also have, a life at home, church, and medical. With all three parts of my life, I am not anti-social and I do have friends and acquaintances. I even have a boyfriend. I have three people in my life who work for me through a program called IRIS so…I have a life that deals with profession as well. I feel I have more than just one family type, too. I have an inner circle of friends that expand outward outside my immediate family, cousins and their families. What I have going on in my life right now, I will not complain nor will I ask for more. With that said, I do wish that I could see a certain two people again and have them back in my life, but that is not going to happen because we are going in different directions now. I am not talking about my brother and his wife. My brother is no going to be a part of my life anymore. Making amends is something I yearn when it is necessary and the opportunity knocks.

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