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Here I am on a Monday evening finishing up my day with a diary entry. It was a fairly good day all day long. My IRIS hired worker DKF went to the laundromat without me because it was raining hard. I am still getting used to the new desk and space in my apartment I have now, and I love it. I think Bing Crosby the Cat is still dealing with all the space in his own way. He loves the new chairs I got for my birthday from my parents, too. The chairs are the same except one has casters/wheels while the other one does not have casters/wheels. The one with wheels is being used at my desk and for my feet when I sit in my favorite chair that is now in the corner at an angle where my big desk used to be. I love my little desk very much. Now, in the near future, I will be working on the 7 boxes of stuff that I have accumulated while emptying the old, big desk to get it ready to be hauled out of here. With a smaller, but effective desk, I cannot keep everything I once had in the old desk. I cannot be like Grandpa Clarence anymore. When he was alive, he was a collector of things that were never used, and I have always been like him because I do the same thing now.

When happiness occurs in one’s life — like mine — I do have to admit that time does go by quickly and before I even know it, it is time to get ready for bed. I did have a good day with DKF while she was here. We watched Ghost Whisper for a while before she left for the day to go go to another client’s home to work with them. I do enjoy my desk and now I have it all set up to reflect my happiness. Even the printer is in a new spot where I can reach and use it more effectively when needed. Almost everything is in its place. Now, I am waiting for my new loveseat with sleeper and that will be here Wednesday. I am so excited!

I am going to say good night now and sign off for the day to get some rest.


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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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