Another Weekend Passing By

With the weekend just about over now, I do have to say that it has been a very good one. I have no complaints nor do I have such a redness on my neck I once had with a rash. It is finally drying up and peeling. It was pretty red this past week Wednesday through Friday. I was planning on calling my primary doctor on Monday if it was not any better by a certain time. I did call my primary doctor to let her know that it was there on Thursday, though. I wonder what my skin got in contact with or was/is yet another heat rash. That I do not know, but will keep an eye on it now since it has occurred once.

As the weekend goes, another workweek will be on its way in so many hours. I have had my personal cares with AR this weekend while DKF and her husband SF went away for the weekend. I am looking forward to DKF getting back to work again…for sure. She is missed the minute she walks out the front door — the only door I actually have to go in and out of when I leave my apartment, LOL

I watched all of Castle Rock season one today as well as some more CSI: Criminal Scene Investigation. I am now in the sixth season, but I am not looking forward to Warrick getting killed who is played by Dourdan. From reading his biography, I understand that his contract was up and the series was not renewing it because of his history of troubles with the law. I hope and pray that he gets his life straightened out soon. A good actor who cannot stay out of trouble is worth praying for. AR and I have not watched CSI: Miami this weekend. I think it will resume, the CSI: Miami series next weekend, though. I will have to wait and see what my interests are by then. I do not have DM this week. He will be busy with other things.

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