August 20, 2018

A rain day occurred. I have had my personal cares — a bath — went to church to a board meeting to check about possibly restarting the newsletter, but my hopes were dashed because of the time and cost it would take to get it up and running, and I surely do not have that kind of money in my pocket or bank account. At least I brought it up and learned of how the newsletter worked for the former runners of the newsletter before a death occurred in the member’s family. My heart goes out to the family who lost a loved one. My hopes were not dashed for very long, though. I will be just fine.

I was planning on getting into my apartment after getting home from the church’s board meeting tonight, but I ran into a neighbor I absolutely appreciate and she had come for a short visit to my place tonight. Yes, it is after 9 PM, and yes, I am, usually in bed by now asleep, but I have not really talked to this neighbor in quite a while. I have learned some things, literally, that did not totally surprise me, but it did make me wonder about the sanity of the tenants that live here. Some tenants are just nosy, fast to make judgment, talking ill of other people and yet be sweet to your faces. The tenant I saw, my neighbor, H, told me that she was telling people that I was not moving out, but the tenants didn’t want to Believe her. Now I understand why I keep to myself. My neighbor, H, did asked the manager if I was moving and found out I was not. Why did my neighbor ask about me? It is because she hasn’t seen me for a while and was seen a lot of boxes leaving my apartment with my worker DKF from time to time. The tenants in this building are so into themselves that it is sad to see groups/cliques be so unkind about other people. It’s just sad. Living in apartment complex, is such close quarters and the walls being so thin, it is like living in one great big house that could be considered at a mansion or a community all in its own is not easy. Some days I wish I had my own home but I am happy to have a roof over my head despite the issues that happened in the apartment complexes like Burbank Plaza apartment complex.

It is time for me to say good night. It is going to be after 10 o’clock now that I will get sleep. Tomorrow I am expecting my IRIS hired worker DKF to be here at 7 AM, have a bath and get dressed, go pick up her granddaughter, go to Walmart superstore, a come home And take it easy before DKF leave for the day. Time to say good night and God bless. I believe Tuesday will be here soon enough.

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