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Here I am…taking time to write in my diary as 8 PM does come quickly after 6 PM. Even staying up past 8 PM is very hard to do since I always get up between 5 and 6 AM every week day and Saturday morning. It is not easy staying up late when personal cares, cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping plus errands start at 7 AM every week day morning now I get up at 6 AM Saturday mornings (sometimes 7 AM) to have some personal time before heading to church. I need time for myself before company comes over now. Sundays are my sleep in until 8 AM sort of days (sometimes 9 AM). I do not have a set time to write in my diary and I never did. I can do days without writing in my diary if I wanted to and I have done that so many times throughout the years with My life is boring by any means. My life has a routine and it doesn’t like to have too many interruptions in it. When something is thrown off schedule, my body does not like it too much, but knowing there are days that have a schedule change, is managed with great care by my IRIS hired workers and their clients.

The other day, Monday evening, before retiring to bed for the night, I had a neighbor visit for a while. We talked about what was going on around here that did involve me — rumor of my moving out. This tenant/neighbor is a sweetheart and I do believe she is telling me the truth about what had been saiid when I had my futon and desk removed from my apartment last month to make room for a new desk and loveseat couch with sleeper. Even though I believe what this tenant has said what was being noticed and talked about, I am leery about other tenants who spread gossip and rumors about this place more than I realize after thinking about it for the past couple of days. This building titled Burbank Plaza Apartment Complex is filled with drama and am in the midst of it all not enjoying it one bit like the other tenants and cliques. I do not want to be any part of a clique here anymore. This summer I have had my windows open only a few times and hated the conversations outside plus the voices of known tenants who do not seem to care what is said. Being the product of gossip and rumor, the tenants are not kind about one moving in or out here. What I know about is when I hear about things, but I do not sit in a group and be a part of their conversation anymore. Why tenants have to have cliques is beyond my comprehension today. It is exactly lime middle and high school crap going on is all. Why I let certain people bother me so much is beyond my kind heart can really understand right now. No more. I need to set my foot down and mind my own business and go on with my life without the other tenants in my apartment from now on — although I have said this many times already as well — I never get a break, do I? Nope.

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