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The past three days have been somewhat busy. I do not feel I can really catch up right now. Having those kind of days — not being able to catch up — is fine with me although I do not feel my best. I have to do my best when I am not feeling the greatest/my best. Some days are left alone. I will be okay, though. I do have bad days from time to time and I had an on and off day on Monday — yesterday. There was confusion and tears shed. My heart ached terribly as I was thinking that a 9-year-old boy did not like me anymore. After company left, I had a meltdown of sorts.

On Sunday I saw my parents from AR who wanted to see my new furniture placed in my apartment. They always travel up to Wisconsin to see family and I had learned they traveled from AR to WI to visit my dad’s younger brother before dropping by to my place before heading to Milwaukee for a short visit. I will, probably, not see them again until Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Today is a big day for my parents in NM. They are moving from one home to another — from one area to another. They sold their home and bought one in another area of NM. They are moving from Carlsbad to Deming, New Mexico. I am going to miss the home in Carlsbad, but I will now have to get used to the new house. The reason for the move is because of what is happening around their property. Now, once they get moved into their new home, they will have more acreage to walk and get used to while they settle and make their new home their home. I am very happy for them.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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