The Last Day of August Thoughts

As the month of August closes and September 2018 is coming into play in so many hours or minutes — depending on wherever you are at in the world of cyberspace, I have to admit that the beginning of a new month does frighten me a little bit because I do not know what the future holds except from what is happening from moment to moment in my own life. I have spent some time with two children briefly as I will not be seeing them as much as I have done so in the most recent past and since I met DKF in January 2017. OJP is a year old so seeing her grow up from baby to toddler has been a great joy the past few months and today was my last day seeing her and her brother DM for a while as they are moving to another part so their mom can be closer to her new job. Although I am very happy for them, I am a little sad that today is my last day to see them for a long time. DKF told me that this is going to be the hardest weekend for her and I fully understand. When I will see DM and OJP again is all up to God and I will leave it in his care.

I went grocery shopping today with DKF and OJP. DM went with SF to spend the day and weekend with his cousin EK. Because it is EK’s birthday celebration with DKF (their grandma). EK and DM are cousins. That is why I mentioned first that this is the last time I will be seeing

the kids before they move to another part of Wisconsin. EK lives in Edgerton, Wisconsin. I ended up spending the afternoon with DKF because I was to have an appointment at 2:45 PM this morning, but it was moved to a different day because my psychologist/nurse prescriber had a funeral to go to.

It has been a little quiet around here the past couple of hours now that DKF and OJP left while SF took the boys EK and DM. Now I can sit back and relax. It has been a good day and I won’t complain about anything outwardly — today. I will be going to be shortly.

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