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Today has been fairly quiet after my IRIS hired worker DKF left at 10:45 AM. Since I have gotten new living room furniture for my 48th birthday, I have been utilizing the desk and loveseat couch. I do love my new furniture. It does beat the old big desk I was not using for a long time anyway, and then futon, which I had for several years has outlived its purpose in apartment living as well as my own personal life. Futons are nice, but they are too big for apartments. Now I have a very nice loveseat with a sleeper and a smaller desk that suit me and apartment living nicely. I also no longer use desktop computers anymore because they are so big and hard to move by myself. I am a laptop user now as they suit my needs and uses more than a desktop would. With a laptop, you can take them with you wherever you go, and I have two of them I utilize. With my new furniture I also got a new desk chair – a chair with casters and one chair without casters, but the same brand. I am very happy with my living room setting — since September 13. I feel I am a good shopper for items that I need, want, and my parents are willing to help out when it is possible for them. I do love my parents very much.

DKF did laundry for me this morning at the laundromat while I stayed behind just in case the management and maintenance man came back to do some last minute detail work from last night’s flood of sewer water. I know that my smoke detector needed to be replaced because it was shorted out by all the water it endured during the flooding stage. Even though I stayed home, the maintenance man did not come until 2 PM to finish taking care of what happened last night. What happened last night was a mess, but maintenance, management, and carpet professional did everything they could to ease all of us tenants who were affected by the flood. I have to give them credit although my feelings about how the sewer water stink is taken care is yet unknown.

I did not do anything much today except watch Matlock, Diagnosis Murder, In the Heat of the Night on MeTV, CSI: Criminal Scene Investigation on Hulu, and then Charlie’s Angels on MeTV. Then I decided to get ready to rest by coming into my bedroom to finish up stuff online and do some diary writing before retiring to bed for the night. This gal is going to go to bed shortly since sleep seemed to evade me last night.

Good night

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