A Glimpse of my Weekend

I spent the weekend at church and have been barely home. I enjoy going to church on Saturdays the most because it is the true Sabbath according to the Bible and what I have been reading in regard to/concerning spiritual materials in my home. I am not ashamed to be one of many peculiar people who goes to church Saturday mornings and spends the early afternoon after song service/devotion, Sabbath school, singing two songs members want to sing, worship/sermon service. We have fellowship time/potluck, and then prayer circle time. I enjoy my Saturdays among friends I consider family. I am glad to be a Seventh-day Adventist. I also went to church with my IRIS hired worker DKF and her husband SF on Sunday. Something special was happening at Resonate Church and they were having breakfast and potluck at the church for all the members and guests. I was a guest this Sunday. It was a great day. Now, I have to admit that I need to get back on track for my weekend is over and a new workweek has begun.

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