Remembering 9/11

I remember exactly what happened 17 years ago today. Our country was attacked by terrorists who hate our country for what it stands for. Because of those terrorists, people have died and were killed in New York City and the Twi I bn Towers were attacked by two airplanes ordered by the terrorists controlling/hijacked the passengers. The passengers and so many people died in the Twin Towers as the planes crashed and exploded sending the towers down. As the attack happened, I was getting ready for an appointment and was watching the second plane hit the second tower, but I did not understand what it was all about yet. I had plans that afternoon after my appointment to have dinner with a neighbor. I did not think of it anything so bad until I had gotten into the car when my neighbor picked me up. Then I realized the severity and problem we had on the United States. I was only 31 years old for two months that day of September 11, 2001. How I had unknowingly scoffed it off as an accident due to engine problems, not knowing of the first plane crash. I saw the second plane hit one of the towers when I had just turned the TV on. When I learned of the severity of the planes crashing into the Twin Towers, I became one of the most in the United States who was grieving fir the loss of all those people who had family members grieving their loved ones. I even grieved for those who helped and lost their lives during the falling of the towers. Oh my goodness gracious…how could I have been so uncaring and selfish that day not getting an understanding by someone before I turned the TV on?

As I sit and remember that day, what I did, how I felt, and what happened when the idea sunk into my whole being, my heart goes out to everyone who has lost loved ones that day 17 years ago. My neighbor has been gone for a few years now and by the time she had passed away, being able to see her was not easy anymore because she no longer lived in her own apartment and some neighbors have moved and/or have died since. My neighbor, LR explained to me what was going on and what had happened. That is when I learned of the truth of the United States being attacked by terrorists. I remember the fear of getting on an airplane to visit my parents in NM then, but by Thanksgiving 2001, I had been to NM and back on a jet plane because I had promised my sister pup Flyer I would be there to see her. I promised a dog for goodness sakes. I got there and back just fine even though I had my trepidations of flying at the time. Now, since 2001 to 2010, I have traveled by plane nine times to visit family in NM, AR, and PA. With PA out of the question now, traveling by plane is actually out of the question for now since my getting around with a walker slows me down. My last visit to NM was because of my limitations had become more prevalent than they were for the past 42 years.

Now I need, really, have to get off the subject of 9/11. I remember like everyone else does in this world what a tragedy this is for many people who have suffered the past 17 years. I have not forgotten. I won’t and/or I can’t forget. It has hit me hard, too. I am thankful for all the troops who have been keeping our country free, the law enforcement, and EMT’s and firemen who have given a piece of themselves to keep us all safe, healthy, and happy. I am even thankful for those who have been in the services from so long ago — the beginning of time — alive or dead. I love history and 9/11 is now in the history books. The only thing that saddens me is now 9/11 has a permanent mark on all who have experienced it in some way and will remember it for the rest of their lives until their race in life has ended. I know I will not forget. Thank you for all who have served in the services. Thank you to all the EMT’s, firemen/women, police officers, and medical experts out there — past and present.

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