September 12

Another day has come and is just about over for the night. Sundown happened at 7:10 PM this evening. With the season Fall coming just around the corner so isn’t the early sundown times. This is what I do not like about fall and winter months nor the hot summer days. I am glad summer is almost over and fall is on its way. I can bypass winter, though. Anyway…another day is drawing to a close.

I feel I do not write as m much as once did. I do not know why or what has happened to me in regard to writing in a diary daily other than being busy. I just feel there are days that repeat themselves. My schedule does not change much. I have my personal cares, supportive home cares,, and companion cares with the same IRIS hired workers Monday through Friday, and Saturday and Sunday. I do the same thing on Monday and Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, and any part of the week. My IRIS workers do the same routine as I do each day morning and night. Sometimes I do not go out whereas most of the time I do go out. I do have a schedule I follow, appointments to make. Today was really no different from any Wednesday I have had. It is just another day that is about to close. I will be retiring to bed here very shortly. My IRIS hired worker was here from 7 AM to 11:30 AM, then the rest of the day has been mine. I did a lot f reading and watched my morning HMM TV shows, my afternoon Dr. Phil program, and then decided to write in my diary for the day. Nothing is really new going on. I am excited that Dr. Phil has another season of his show happening. My Charlie’s Angels binge is over with for the “Summer of Me” so now I can get back to Dr. Phil once again now that his show has a new season.

Time to say good night.

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