Prologue or Just Another Entry?

Prologue or Just Another Entry?


Okay, someone/anyone who reads my readable diaries at DD1 and DD2, may find me a little bit odd or wondering why I am writing a prologue so late in the game and for a diary.  Well, it has come to the realization of my own life that I am doing this to protect myself and others who are in my life today, tomorrow, and in the past.  What I write and share in my diaries (that are readable) are my own thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and they are only one-sided or told only by me.  I do not mention names in my diary – initials only to protect those I write about and permission to use names is necessary when it comes to writing a book or story about them.  It is just common curtesy to ask for permission for using a person in a story.  Writing initials in a diary pleases me just fine as well.

Why am I writing a “prologue’ now?  I am just asking others to respect my diary and entries and be aware that I did not create a diary for my entries of thoughts, feelings, and experiences to be abused or used by others in any way.  My entries will be considered copyrighted from this day forward.  Also, I read other DD writer’s diaries as well and respect their writings of thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  I want the same respect, and in the past, I have come across some real doozy comments come from people who are not even members of DD.  Spam messages is what I have come across as a member of DD ever since I began writing in an online diary and today I am happy to say that has finally quieted down for me.

I consider a prologue while others may call this another entry.  I can see it both ways.  I observe all the time and feel like I am always sitting on a fence seeing both sides of everything around me when it comes to that point in my own life.  Being an observer is a job that can have its ups and downs.  Knowing what to do at times is the tough part of being an observer, and in the past to present day, I have had my share of observation ups and downs.  Some days I just want to scream, cry, and sleep it off while other days I want to dive into what I am doing with gusto and have at it.

I will have a copyright symbol on all my entries from now on.  Please respect my wishes.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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