Please Understand Even If You Do Not Believe the Same Way I Do, Thank You

When it comes to writing in my diary, I do have two different diaries – private and public.  I do know that did not work for a while and I reported to SB about still not working properly today, I do feel lost and very uncomfortable not being able to share my thoughts with others.  It is a little nerving and frustrating when something does not work for me very well.  Even though the diary .net site is working now since, I have to admit that it does feel good to share my thoughts publicly once again with enthusiasm and comfort.  The only thing that we diarists have to deal with and it is at no fault of the creator of the site by any means, is that it is slow in loading because of where the site’s server is currently located.  No major complaints here.  I do wait patiently for the diary site to load by doing other things online or watch TV or read and relax.

Okay… has anyone online who is more political than me?  The reason I ask is because I feel that these political commercials and messages are getting me a little annoyed and frustrated.  I do not care if you are a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, or a Liberal, but I do care about how one political party will bash or want to control the government and the people.  It is just sad, and it makes me feel very uncomfortable.  I already live in a building with some of the tenants who are angry at the President and hate him with a passion because he is a Republican and does not belong in office.  It just makes me so sick and writing about it – my feelings – makes me want to cry and hide away from anyone who opposes a certain party.  I do not oppose any party and never plan to at any time.  I just wish that people would not be mean about it is all.  I know it is wishful thinking.

At the end of the month of September, there was the Judge Brett Kavanaugh case that was taken and handled on Capitol Hill.  I watched some of it, not because it interrupted my TV programming, because I wanted to hear what was really going on.  I will be very honest about my feelings about watching it, and then let it go at that because I had to turn to something else later on due to the feeling that Judge Brett Kavanaugh was being set up to fail, and someone was not telling the truth.  I felt that Kavanaugh was telling the truth – not because he is a Republican.  Also,  my feelings toward the president of the United States is somewhat mixed because of his history with women, but because he is the president now, I have to be impartial to his decisions, plans, and ideas to make this country better.  To be very honest, spiritually, it is not going to get any better even though there will be times when things will settle down for a while.  I am here, not to cram anything down anyone’s throat or scare someone out of their mind.  I am here sharing my thoughts, feelings, and experiences with others as well as what I have learned spiritually through reading the Bible and studying God’s Word.  Because of sin in this world, thanks to the first couple in the Garden of Eden, we have gotten this far in life through a sinful world of God’s Law being taken out of context or someone has made manmade laws that we have to follow when God’s law is to follow the ten commandments, love, help, and share God’s love and Word with others.

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