I Have Been Thinking About Politics Now

Another day has come and gone once again, but not to the point I cannot write an entry for the day before retiring to bed for the night.  I do my best at writing in my diary every day now even though DD.org did not record my diary entries from the last few days because there was a broken link that made the site unavailable to diarists until earlier today.  I will have to take my entries and copy and paste them to the diary page tomorrow when I have time.  SB is a hard worker with a job outside the site he created a few years ago so people like me can have an online diary to share on the internet or keep entries private or just for friends only.  What SB does is amazing, and I have come to be patient in the process although frustration of not having a site working properly does happen when it is more than a day or two.  The site is working again, and I am able to share my thoughts once again and that is all that matters.

Today was a relatively good day.  I have nothing to complain about really.  The only thing that bothered me today is my left knee.  It ached enough to let me know it was there and it made me wince a bit.  I walked it off around the apartment to give it a little workout.  I am going to be okay.  I have dealt with this many times throughout the past ten years.  Aches and pains from taking certain medications for the past 31 years and cerebral palsy since I was born do come and go.  I do have to admit that my aches and pain from cerebral palsy did not come until a little later in my life after my twenties and thirties – maybe the past five years or so I have noticed.  The process of getting old and managing life on my own in my own “home” because I am able to.  Living on my own in the past twenty- years now does bring me back some memories – some mixed, happy and exciting, fearful, and wonder if I can do this.  Now I can say I can I love being on my own and would never live with my parents again.  It is very nice to have my own space, time, and schedule to do things.  With that said, it is still not easy being me – KK – but I do my very best every day.

Yesterday I shared something about politics and today I am going to continue a little more about it despite my feelings towards earthly politics versus my feelings of spiritual and heavenly politics – although politics is not the exact word I want to use, but I believe I will get my thoughts across the best I can.  When it comes to politics, comes power and attitude.  Throughout President Trump’s presidency thus far all I have been seeing how hard the president is working in the White House with so much power among the people who want to take over.  There is a fine line between parties that have caused a rift between parties that can stop something so important from happening that does need to happen to make our country better again.  Now, I am will admit that I am not against President Trump or for President Trump here because where I stand politically is indeed Republican and I do not care what other people think.  I just will not talk politics with other people at times unless I really have to like what happened to Judge Brett Kavanaugh and still happening, what happened to some celebrities who have been accused of rape, fondling, and inappropriate sexual acts in the workplace.  Whether the person did do anything like that, the truth is known by one and that is God.  I believe the judicial system is broken because of the powers to be, and the mindset of some.  Now, I am not saying anyone’s mindset in politics is wrong, but I am saying that some people are downright mean and will not listen to reason because they already believe the person is truly guilty before the evidence is presented to them – like the Kavanaugh case that was aired on TV from Capitol Hill.  First of all, it should not have been a televised program.  I do not know what the stations and people were thinking.  The accusers and the accused have their right to some privacy.  Anyway…I know some things are going to hit the fan and the political parties are not going to like it one way or another…whatever happens from this day forward.

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