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I sure do love my dad.  I knew when I called him to talk about politics, I would definitely start something that would indeed get my dad going a little bit about what has been happening the past several weeks when the commercials began saying do not vote for this person or that person because they are no good.  Well, I got good news about the talk with my dad.  It turned out better than I had feared or even hoped. I actually was able to express my concerns about what I have been hearing and seeing on TV.  My dad told me how he felt about politics and told me how to vote in a way that did not sound like “do it or else”.  I even told him what I saw of the Kavanaugh hearing on Capitol Hill and he told me how he felt about that. Now I know exactly what I need to do once I get my absentee ballot and go from there.  I am not going to sit back and take a stand in what I believe in without a fight ever again.  From age seventeen to age forty-eight, I have gotten this far on a lot of things happening to me personaelly that is miraculous even though my faith and understanding about God’s plan(s) for me is not always understood.

Politics, religion, and sexuality/sex are the three hardest topics to talk about as there are two sides and there is always two sides of a story.  I have been talking about politics my diary entries lately because I have to share my discomfort with others who share the same feelings I do or disagree with me.  I have come to realize that now the three hardest topics to talk to others about is meshing together and there is no way around it.  I am spiritually inclined as much as God has allowed me to be in the past two years by showing that I am worth something and I need to share a bit about myself to other people.  My strengths and weaknesses are real, just like everyone else in this sinful world. I have come across from very hateful people who want to be more powerful and controlling, and that does not make me feel very good just like the next person who may share my feelings and thoughts. I understand that we have the right to agree to disagree.  No one is going to control me or tell me what to do or they might end up getting the reverse action or I will tune them out to make them angry.  I have heard what a controlling person says and does to a vulnerable woman or man because I once lived underneath from a tenant who was abused by her boyfriend. Now that tenant has been gone for a year, with the boyfriend in tow, and the concern I have is her…I hope she does not get killed.  I cannot do anything for her since our friendship was severed by her choice due to that I did not like her boyfriend when she was living here.  Her boyfriend needs help.

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