Another Wednesday of A Lot of Thought

Another Wednesday is drawing to a close.  “Hump Day” as so many people say online now-a-days on social media.  There is no way of getting around it these days unless I stop using social media as my avenue online.  Quitting to be social online is indeed not happening at this end of the cyber air waves. The day is almost over, and I will be retiring to bed soon.  I just want – from now on – find time to write in my diary on a daily basis as much as possible to keep up to date with my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. If I cannot update at DD.netor DD.orgbecause of server or internet issues I do have my diary on my computer using Microsoft Word or Mac’s Pages word processing program(s).  I have a tendency to switch between the two programs from time to time even though I pay $69.95 a year for Microsoft Office.  It is just the way I…work.

I do have to admit that my idea of writing in a diary is not always easy to do, but when I do, it is fun.  I know some of the topics I have written about in the past – to this day – are quite controversial and sometimes hard to talk about, but I do find myself needing to express my thoughts, feelings, and experiences openly for others to read or later find when the time is right.  I also know that talking about politics is very difficult for many because there it is a two-sided topic, but the past few weeks, with all the commercials and TV programs talking about politics, has been veryfrightening at my end.  It is so hard to be impartial at times.  I can alwaystell elections are coming. May the best man or womanwin with the voting polls working hard keeping things running as smooth as possible with parties voting for their respectable parties…whatever party you are privy to for whatever reason it may be.  Just let me say that I have had my share and fill of politics that will last the rest of my life the past few weeks on TV programs, the news, the Kavanaugh hearing on Capitol Hill, and those dratted commercials that do nothing but bash one another’s party they are not privy to be a part of for some reason or another.  This country is already broken from sin because of Adam and Eve’s fall from the beginning of time when God created the heavens and the earth, and everything for the now closed off Garden of Eden.  The earthy government is being torn apart because people CAN’T get along which is part of the end of the times, we are living in. This one reason WHYI love to write in a diary every day now.  I want to show how scary it has become, and we all have to be prepared and readyfor the time of the end to happen.  It is very close, and I have been to Bible studies and spiritual/prophecy seminars and heard many sermons about how close we are to the end of time and Jesus’ return is soon.

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